Chris Olivant Food Ethics Consultant
Chris OlivantFood Ethics Consultant

About Chris Olivant


I worked for the Vegetarian Society of the United Kingdom, a registered charity, for 22 years, in a variety of positions. I left the organisation in 2009, at which time I was Head of Information and Customer Services. During my time at the Society I also managed the Membership function of the organisation, acted as Press Officer, Research Officer, and worked extensively on the Society's publications, including "The Vegetarian" magazine.


While heading up the Research and Information function of the Vegetarian Society, I attended many meetings, seminars and workshops including a considerable number organised by Government Departments including the Food Standards Agency, Defra, and the NHS. I have also spoken on vegetarian matters at a number of seminars and lectures (at the Leatherhead Food Research Association, for example), met with MPs and senior representatives of Supermarkets and food manufacturers.


Current clients include Soyinfo, the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, The Vegetarian Society, and Honeysuckle Health Foods. 


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